Angela Hollis – Owner – Two Nurseries – Ashley Cross, Dorset

I wanted to write and tell you how wonderful your Early Years World software is.

Right from the very beginning, my staff could tell this was very different software to anything we had been using previously. It is so simple to use with the big buttons, that the children don’t need constant adult supervision and are gaining rapidly in confidence and IT skills with each game.

I can tell whoever has designed these wonderful games and characters has a real understanding of how young children think and that the whole thing has been influenced by someone with a solid childcare background.

Pippa, Little Joe’s Day Nursery, Barnsley

When the children discovered they could actually go on their own ‘adventures’ on their own there was great excitement which boosted their language and they now have their favourite characters to go with. They just love ‘Bob’.

Abi Pollard, St Mary’s Nursery, Bracknell

So impressed with the huge content of games, even for the two year olds who are just starting out. Our pre-school children are very proud of their Learning Journey Sheets and parents are complementing about their learning at home.

Karen Perry, Chipmunks Day Nursery, Gloucester

We have been using this product since November 2011 and children of all ages love it.

The simplicity of the large buttons has meant children can easily ‘achieve’ giving the children a huge sense of achievement – and choice – something is not often found in young children’s software.

We have also found it hugely beneficial for our special needs children and those who speak English as an additional language. Taking the ‘Well Done’ sheets home, especially for those in their own language, builds the children’s self-esteem and strengthens our partnership working with parents.

Alice Tinton, Nanny and Early Years Professional Status, Stroud

Thank you. It is a real pleasure to use and is obviously written by a team of people with real hands on early years experience. My children can be seen waving, laughing, shouting and communicating with the characters on screen, as well as developing their IT skills. The bonus is that the animations, sounds and music used by the ‘cause and effect’, reflect the fun element that runs throughout the whole thing.

Jan Harvey, Early Years Consultant and Early Years Inspector, Cheltenham

Designed with a strong focus on developing IT skills, whilst stimulating children’s language and inspiring activities away from the computer, means Early Years World is not just a set of games.

It supports practitioners in enabling children to;

Become sufficient in problem solving

Be increasingly able to communicate and collaborate

Create links between knowledge, skills and understanding

Be motivated to learn

Become adept at handling information

Use speech to organise thinking and offer explanations

Giving and following directions

Exploring ‘cause and effect’

Making predictions

Concentrating and persevering

Learning and using technical vocabulary and directional language

Recognising and reading numbers and counting

Recognising letters (for example on a key board or on screen)

Exploring patter and colour – draw/paint programs

Engaging in imaginative role play with the characters based on first-hand experiences

Taking turns

Using equipment independently

Knowing how to operate simple equipment

Complete a simple program on the computer

Learning how to stay safe online and when using computers

Taking care of equipment

Plus, Early Years World has the additional benefits of free resources for management, practitioners and parents, including ‘How to teach young children how to safe on computers.’

These days, Nursery Managers, teachers and practitioners have an important role to play in ensuring young children to learn safely and effectively about new technologies, both in the setting and at home. It is vital they develop a strong relationship with parents to support a child’s safety on computers and give guidance as to how to keep their PC’s secure and their children safe. They may not understand the risks until it is too late.


Lord Puttnam, Chancellor of the Open University

I think it has become accepted that technology is, in itself, a bridge to learning, rather than any kind of destination; and that a critical factor to the successful introduction of new learning tools, is the intervention and involvement of a brilliant teacher’.